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Mary E. (Mary Beth) Kitzel

Mary E. (Mary Beth) Kitzel

Visiting Assistant Professor
585) 475-5059 (v)
Historical Human Geography and Deaf Cultural Studies
Ph.D. University of Sussex

Office Hours: Fall or by appointment

Dr Kitzel's research interests lie at the intersection of Historical Human Geography and Deaf Cultural Studies. She writes about how Deaf communities formulate in different locations. Her most recent project focuses on Rochester’s Deaf Community in the nineteenth century. She also studies Early Modern and early Victorian deaf communities in Southern England.

Dr Kitzel is the Founder and Director of the Field School in Deaf Geographies. As a part of the School's mission, Dr Kitzel also coordinates the International Conference in Deaf Geographies (ICDG). This conference serves as an incubator for research in the new and exciting field, as well as providing an opportunity for the School's scholars to share the findings of their projects. In 2016, ICDG was the only conference with a Deaf Studies theme hosted in the United States.

Dr Kitzel received her AAS in Educational Interpreting from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and her BS in Multidisciplinary Studies from the College of Continuing Education, both at Rochester institute of Technology. Her MSc in Cross Cultural Research Methods (Geography) and her PhD in Human Geography were both completed at the School of Global Studies, the University of Sussex under the supervision of Simon Rycroft and Brian Short. Dr Kitzel's first teaching post was at the Bader International Study Centre of Queen’s University (Canada), Herstmonceux, East Sussex, where she was also Scholar-in-Residence in 2012.

A Rochester native, Dr Kitzel has been a member of the RIT community for more than thirty years - as student, alumnae, staff, and faculty.

Publications and Papers:

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