The Symposium on American Indian Languages (SAIL) is dedicated to discussion of the documentation, conservation and revitalization of the native languages of the Americas.

SAIL also provides a forum for the exchange of scholarly research on descriptive and/or theoretical linguistics focusing on American Indian languages.

SAIL brings together scholars, members of the indigenous communities, native speakers, educators and language activists who are interested in sharing experiences and best practices on topics related to language documentation, conservation and revitalization.

Building on RIT's rich history of educational outreach to Native American communities, SAIL welcomes the active participation of indigenous communities, native language speakers, and those interested in revitalization and preservation of their heritage languages and cultures.

The theme for this year's SAIL is “Language Revitalization Strategies in the Americas: Challenges, Success and Pitfalls”.


SAIL executive committee:

Wilson Silva, Jeff Burnette, and Christine Kray

SAIL is an initiative of RIT’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology and RIT’s Future Stewards Native American Program.


Feel free to contact us with questions and comments at

Wilson De Lima Silva
Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Joanne Staskiewicz
Senior Staff Assistant


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