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Title Media Thumbnail Languagesort ascending Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
Sword and The Crysanthemum, The VHS Japanese Ruth Benedict 6200
Globe Trekker DVD Japanese 6109
Ballad of Narayama, The DVD Japanese English Shohei Imamura 6100
Summer Wars DVD Japanese English Director: Mamoru Hosoda 6151
Shall We Dance DVD Japanese French, Spanish Masayuki Suo 6108
Experience Ginza by Day, Tokyo, Japan, Witness Everyday Life and Culture DVD Japanese None Paul G. Ranky 6150
Big Night DVD Italian English Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott 5178
Zabriskie Point Streaming Only Italian English Michelangelo Antonioni 5790
Once Upon a Time In America DVD Italian English Sergio Leone 5177
18 Ius Soli (The Right of Soil) Streaming Only Italian English Fred Kuwornu 5749
Alla Fiat era cosi (At Fiat It Was Like That) Streaming Only Italian None Mimmo Calopresti 5722
Swept Away DVD Italian English Lina Wertmüller 5138
Nuovomondo (The Golden Door) Blu-Ray Disc Italian English Emanuele Crialese 5614
Blaxploitalian Streaming Only Italian English Fred Kudjo Kuwornu 5791
Uno per tutti Blu-Ray Disc Italian English Mimmo Calopresti 5607
Tutto Era Fiat Streaming Only Italian None Mimmo Calopresti 5723
My Voyage to Italy Streaming Only Italian English Martin Scorsese 5724
Acqua Passata Streaming Only Italian English Claudio Paletto 5819
Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (Fellini's Casanova) Streaming Only Italian English Federico Fellini 5792
Per amor vostro (For Your Love) DVD Italian English, Italian Giuseppe M. Gaudino 5164