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Title Media Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC IDsort descending
Thermae Romae (The Movie) DVD Japanese English, Chinese Hiroshi Abe 6165
Sword and The Crysanthemum, The VHS Japanese Ruth Benedict 6200
Dreams VHS Japanese None Akira Kurosawa 6201
A Geisha VHS Japanese None Kenji Mizoguchi 6202
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence VHS Japanese Nagisa Ôshima 6203
Black Rain VHS Japanese None Shohei Imamura 6204
The Tale of Genji VHS Japanese Murasaki Shikibu 6205
Ikiru VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6206
Ran VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6207
Ballad of Narayama, The VHS Japanese None Shohei Imamura 6208
Minbo VHS Japanese Jûzô Itami 6209
Japan: The Electronic Tribe VHS Japanese N/A 6210
Nippon the Land and Its People : The Japanese and Nature VHS Japanese Itochu 6211
Seven Samurai VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6212
Shall we Dance? VHS Japanese Masayuki Suo 6213
Globe Trekker: Japan VHS Japanese Pilot Productions 6214
The Way of Life in Japan - Part 1 VHS Japanese NHK International 6215
The Way of Life in Japan - Part 2 VHS Japanese NHK International 6216
The Way of Life in Japan - Part 3 VHS Japanese NHK International 6217
Erin's Challenge: I Can Speak Japanese Volume 1 Book Japanese Isomura, Kazuhiro 6401