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Title Mediasort descending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
Mostly Martha DVD German English Sandra Nettelbeck 4114
The Silk Road DVD Chinese None Ian Cross 2122
French Video Series: Horizons DVD French French Joan H. Manley et. al. 3104
Hear Me (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Taiwan Version) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Cheng Fen Fen 2112
Breathless DVD English Spanish Jim McBride 0106
The Official Story DVD Spanish English Luis Puenzo 9118
Il bell'Antonio DVD Italian English, Italian Mauro Bolognini 5165
Big Night DVD Italian English Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott 5178
El Analfabeto DVD Spanish English Miguel M. Delgado 9199
The Edukators DVD German English Hans Weingartner 4113
Once Upon a Time In America DVD Italian English Sergio Leone 5177
Wild Reeds (Les roseaux sauvages) DVD French English André Téchiné 3103
Discovery Atlas: Brazil Revealed DVD Portuguese English, None Graham Booth 7111
Sommersby DVD English English, French Jon Amiel 0105
A Ciambra DVD Italian Italian Jonas Carpignano 5166
Lo sceicco bianco (The White Sheik) DVD Italian English Federico Fellini 5107
Su Excelencia DVD Spanish English Miguel M. Delgado 9147
The Princess and the Warrior DVD German English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Tom Tykwer 4112
Kebab Connection DVD German Anno Saul 4130
Viva Algeria (Viva Laldjérie) DVD French English Nadir Moknèche 3102