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Title Mediasort descending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
I, the Worst of All DVD Spanish Maria Luisa Bemberg 9104
Cyrano de Bergerac DVD French English, Spanish Jean-Paul Rappeneau 3108
Minha Mae E Uma Peca, O Filme (My Mom Is a Character) DVD Portuguese English André Pellenz 7157
Golden Gate Girls DVD English Chinese Louisa Wei 2143
Queen Margot (La reine Margot) DVD French English Patrice Chéreau 3105
Mostly Martha DVD German English Sandra Nettelbeck 4114
Le Silence de la Mer DVD French English Jean-Pierre Melville 3128
Campus Chinese (2 DVD+MP3+MP4+BOOK) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Qilu Video Publishing House 2109
Une vie de chat (A Cat in Paris) DVD French English Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol 3141
Sommersby DVD English English, French Jon Amiel 0105
La Variabile Umana (The Human Factor) DVD Italian Italian Bruno Oliviero 5133
Germany: Society DVD German Insight Media 4106
The Harmonists DVD German English Joseph Vilsmaier 4107
Ballad of Narayama, The DVD Japanese English Shohei Imamura 6100
Respiro DVD Italian English Valeria Golino 5150
A Busca (Father's Chair) DVD Portuguese English Luciano Moura 7156
Source Code DVD German None Duncan Jones 4151
The Edukators DVD German English Hans Weingartner 4113
Le Chateau De Ma Mere DVD French English Yves Robert 3127
Daily Chinese (2DVD+MP3+MP4+BOOK) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Qilu Video Publishing House 2108