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Title Media Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC IDsort descending
Bodas De Sangre VHS Spanish None Carlos Saura 9263
Carmen VHS Spanish None Carlos Saura 9264
Memories of Underdevelpment VHS Spanish Tomas Gutierrez Alea 9267
Cabeza De Vaca VHS Spanish None Nicolás Echevarría 9293
Camino Oral Book Spanish None Richard V. Teschner 9400
Spanish Puzzles & Games Book Spanish Elizabeth Ramsay-Verzariu 9401
A Su Salud Book Spanish Christine E. Cotton 9402
Lecturas Literarias Book Spanish Anne Lambright, Sharon Foerster 9403
La Muerte y la Doncella CD Spanish Ariel Dorfman 9500
Camino Oral - Audio CDs CD Spanish Richard V. Teschner 9501
Spanish CD Spanish Auralog 9566
Student Fluency Dictionary - Teachers Discovery Software CD Spanish 9567
El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) Blu-Ray Disc Spanish English, Spanish Guillermo del Toro 9600
The Mission Blu-Ray Disc Spanish English, French, Spanish Roland Joffé 9601
Volver Blu-Ray Disc Spanish English Pedro Almodóvar 9602
Sleep Dealer Blu-Ray Disc Spanish English, German Alex Rivera 9603
Dracula Streaming Only Spanish English George Melford 9701
The Rosa Lee Show DVD ASL English Rosa Lee and Damon Timm A101
See What I'm Saying DVD ASL Hilari Scarl A102
test Streaming Only English xxx