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Title Mediasort descending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
Ballad of Narayama, The VHS Japanese None Shohei Imamura 6208
The Closet (Le Placard) VHS French Francis Veber 3208
Ran VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6207
East/West (Est/Ouest) VHS French None Régis Wargnier 3206
Ikiru VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6206
Globe Trekker: Japan VHS Japanese Pilot Productions 6214
The Tale of Genji VHS Japanese Murasaki Shikibu 6205
Puerto Rico: Paradise Invaded VHS Spanish Affonso Beato 9261
Seven Samurai VHS Japanese Akira Kurosawa 6212
Black Rain VHS Japanese None Shohei Imamura 6204
Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown VHS Spanish Pedro Almodovar 9255
Nippon the Land and Its People : The Japanese and Nature VHS Japanese Itochu 6211
Notes From Russia: A Young Woman's Video Journal VHS Russian Sarah McConnell 8215
On The Air Russian Television and Politics VHS Russian Actr 8216
Die Luftbrücke VHS German None Dror Zahavi 4201
Up To A Certain Point VHS Spanish Tomás Gutiérrez Alea 9248
Carmen VHS Spanish None Carlos Saura 9264
Bodas De Sangre VHS Spanish None Carlos Saura 9263
Video Program to accompany Parliamo Italiano VHS Italian Suzanne Branciforte, Siena Anna Grassi 5200
Cabeza De Vaca VHS Spanish None Nicolás Echevarría 9293