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Title Mediasort ascending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
A Festa de Margarette (Margarette's Feast) DVD Portuguese None Renato Falcão 7160
A Busca (Father's Chair) DVD Portuguese English Luciano Moura 7156
Le Chateau De Ma Mere DVD French English Yves Robert 3127
Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire DVD Japanese None Lyn Goldfarb, Deborah Ann DeSnoo 6106
National Treasure (Chinese) DVD Chinese Chinese Jon Turteltaub 2117
I pugni in tasca (Fists in the Pocket) DVD Italian English Marco Bellocchio 5140
La Variabile Umana (The Human Factor) DVD Italian Italian Bruno Oliviero 5133
O Que É Isso, Companheiro? (Four Days in September) DVD Portuguese English Bruno Barreto 7154
Kokowääh DVD German German Til Schweiger 4125
La cosecha (The Harvest) DVD Spanish English, Spanish U. Roberto Romano 9123
Pasqualino SetteBellezze (Seven Beauties) DVD Italian Italian Lina Wertmuller 5139
Quase Dois Irmãos (Almost Brothers) DVD Portuguese English Lúcia Murat 7161
Journey [TV Series] Collector's Edition DVD Chinese China International Television Corporation 2120
The Yacoubian Building DVD Arabic English Marwan Hamed 1115
Common Chinese (2 DVD + MP3 + MP4 + BOOK) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Qilu Video Publishing House 2111
In July (Im Juli) DVD German English Fatih Akin 4136
Japan: The Land and Its People DVD Japanese 6105
The Barbarian Invasions DVD French English Denys Arcand 3115
La prima cosa bella (The First Beautiful Thing) DVD Italian English Paolo Virzi 5141
L'Intrepido DVD Italian Italian Gianni Amelio 5132