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Title Media Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Directorsort descending MLTC ID
Wo der Pfeffer Wächst CD German Wise Guys 4501
Lauft Bei Euch - Wise Guys CD German None Wise Guys 4504
Good Bye Lenin (Special Edition) DVD German English Wolfgang Becker 4116
Das Boot - The Director's Cut DVD German English, French, Spanish Wolfgang Petersen 4111
Rachida DVD Arabic Yamina Bachir 1116
Inch'Allah Dimanche DVD Arabic English Yamina Benguigui 1106
Almanya DVD German English, German Yasemin Samdereli 4102
To Live DVD Chinese English, French, Spanish Yimou Zhang 2118
Hero DVD Chinese English, French, Spanish Yimou Zhang 2104
Twililight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) DVD Japanese English Yoji Yamada 6101
Kazoku gêmu (The Family Game) DVD Japanese English Yoshimitsu Morita 6162
China Heavyweight DVD Chinese English Yung Chang 2133
Up the Yangtze DVD Chinese English, French, Chinese Yung Chang 2116
Le Chateau De Ma Mere DVD French English Yves Robert 3127
Shijie (The World) DVD Chinese English Zhangke Jia 2137