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Title Mediasort descending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
The Silk Road DVD Chinese None Ian Cross 2122
Shall We Dance DVD Japanese French, Spanish Masayuki Suo 6108
Satin Rouge DVD Arabic English Raja Amari 1100
Terrorism & BBQ DVD Arabic English Akram Farid 1117
Free Zone DVD Arabic English Amos Gitai 1114
Shijie (The World) DVD Chinese English Zhangke Jia 2137
The Official Story DVD Spanish English Luis Puenzo 9118
About Baghdad DVD Arabic English Sinan Antoon, et. al. 1130
Frida DVD Spanish English Julie Taymor 9167
La Felicità Non Costa Niente DVD Italian Italian Mimmo Calopresti 5101
Europa Europa DVD German English, French, Spanish Agnieszka Holland 4118
Ein Mann, Ein Fjord DVD German None Angelo Colagrossi 4145
Amici Miei (My Friends) DVD Italian Italian 5174
Marx & CocaCola DVD German English Hartmut Griesmeyr 4101
москва слезам не верит (Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears) DVD Russian English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese Vladimir Menshov 8118
Rendition DVD French English, French Gavin Hood 3107
The Turandot Project DVD Chinese English Allan Miller 2136
Frantz DVD French English Francois Ozon 3138
Experience Ginza by Day, Tokyo, Japan, Witness Everyday Life and Culture DVD Japanese None Paul G. Ranky 6150
9 Star Hotel DVD Arabic English Ido Haar 1109