Film d'amore e anarchia (Love and Anarchy)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Lina Wertmüller
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Italy in the 30s. Tonino, a sad faced, freckled peasant, comes to Rome to kill Mussolini. He has anarchist connections, and his contact in Rome is Salome, a lively flapper and popular professional at the bordello where she lives. She introduces him as her cousin, giving him access to the brothel, and she helps him prepare for the assassination, scheduled a few days after his arrival. Within a day, he has fallen in love with Tripolina, one of the younger prostitutes. Tonino does the madam a favor, and, in exchange, Tripolina gets two days off to spend with him. How will this love affair, Salome's political will, and the assassination plans play out?

Note: The DVD in the MLTC library is part of a 3-disk box set entitled The Wertmüller Collection.  If borrowing the DVD, the entire box set must be checked out as a unit.


More Information:
MTLC ID: 5108