The Best of Global Lens: Africa

Media: DVD
Author/Director: João Luis Sol de Carvalho, John Barker, Maria João Ganga, Fanta Régina Nacro
Language: French
Subtitles: English

1.Hollow City: A group of children, fleeing the war, is taken to Luanda accompanied by a nun. When they reach the aeroplane, 12-year-old N'Dala decides to leave the group and to reconnoitre the city. The nun then starts her unceasing quest for the missing boy. N'Dala, only carrying a textile bag and a doll made of wire, walks through the busy streets filled with people and traffic. Later he finds the tranquility of the island off the coast, where he meets the old fisherman Antonio, with whom he becomes friends. Not much later, he meets the lively, whimsical Zé, who is a little older than he is. N'Dala starts to experience the city and its inhabitants as increasingly forbidding and he would most like to return to the countryside from whence he came. Then he meets Joka, a fringe figure who persuades him to help with a robbery in exchange for money. With this film, Maria Joao Ganga wanted to provide a realistic sketch of the bitter political situation in Angola. One of her most important motivations for making In the Empty City was to provide a picture of an African city without awakening feelings of a patronising sympathy or associations with the sensationalism of war.

2.The Night of Truth: La Nuit de la Vérité is situated in an imaginary West African country. After ten years of civil war between the government army of the Nayak, led by 'Le président', and the Bonande rebels led by Colonel Theo, there is some sign of peace negotiations. But not everyone is in favor of peace and one can feel the tension. The night of truth starts with a festive dinner, but the village idiot Tomoto always seems capable of ruining the attempts for peace with violence and provocation.

3.Another Man's Garden: A cinematic love letter to all the women who maintain their courage despite overwhelming odds, Jose Candido de Carvalho's inspirational drama follows a young girl from Mozambique as she sets out to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. Sophie knows that she has what it takes to study medicine, but when her professor proves less than honorable, it begins to look as if her unwillingness to compromise her values just cost her a coveted spot at the university. Well aware of the limited opportunities offered to women in her country, the determined girl refuses to bend to the corruption and misogynist attitudes that have caused weaker-willed women to buckle under the pressure.

4.Bunny Chow: Three comedians and a weird guy named Cope embark on a raucous weekend journey to Oppikoppi, South Africa's biggest rock festival. The guys slip out of the city for a few dusty and increasingly absurd days with hopes of mass debauchery, drugs, rampant sex, true love and conquering the comedy stages, but they get a bit more than they bargained for.


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