The Best of Global Lens: Brazil

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Lúcia Murat, Marcelo Gomes, Cláudio Assis, Renato Falcão
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

1.Mango Yellow: In a poor neighborhood in Recife, the lives of exotic and bizarre characters entwine in a bar and in a very low-budget hotel. The queer Dunga works in the hotel and has a crush on the butcher Wellington that is married with the religious Kika and has an affair with his mistress Dayse. The sick necrophiliac Isaac owns a yellow Mercedes Benz and wants to have sex with Lígia that owns of Bar Avenida.

Portuguese with English Subtitles

2.Cinema, Aspirins, and Vultures: A road movie about a German man who went to the North East of Brazil in the 1942 to sell Aspirin.

Portuguese with English Subtitles

3.Margarette's Feast: A black and white, surreal and silent comedy. Pedro has a dream of giving his wife an unforgettable birthday feast.


4.Almost Brothers: The strange friendship between two men of opposite social classes. Miguel is a senator. His childhood friend Jorge is a major drug-dealer. In the 1970s, they meet in prison: Miguel was there for political reasons, and Jorge, as a common criminal.


ISBN: B0050JK146
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MTLC ID: 7155