Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Carlos Saura
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Blood Wedding (Bodas de Sangre) is a 1981 Spanish musical film written and directed by Carlos Saura. It is the first part of Saura's 1980s flamenco trilogy, and is followed by Carmen (1983) and El Amor Brujo(1986). Backstage in a theatre, the camera follows the arrival, make-up and rehearsal of a dance company. They perform the flamenco ballet, Blood Wedding: Leonardo, a married man, is in love with the bride to be. At the end of the ceremony he runs off with the bride but the bridegroom chases after them and challenges his rival.

Note: This DVD is a dub from the MLTC Library's original VHS copy of this movie, MLTC ID 9263.  The quality of the DVD and stream are therefore limited.  The actual published DVD is available from Amazon--use the ASIN reference number below when ordering.

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MTLC ID: 9109