Le Conseguenze dell'Amore (The Consequences of Love)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

NOTE: This is a region 2 DVD.  It will not play in a standard DVD player or with Microsoft Media Player.  You need a DVD player that ignores region codes, or you must use software like VLC media player to play it, or play it via the streaming button below.

A man, whose life is going nowhere, learns he had an attractive younger woman admirer in this drama from Italy. Titta Di Girolamo (Toni Servillo) is a middle-aged former stockbroker who now makes his living as a minor functionary with the Mafia. A few times a week, Di Girolamo handles bank deposits of large sums of money brought to Italy from the United States. When he's not occupied with that, Di Girolamo's life is barren, with only his occasional heroin use adding drama to his days. Divorced and cut off from his former wife and children, Di Girolamo lives in a hotel, and spends much of his day killing time in their cocktail lounge as he watches barmaid Sofia (Olivia Magnani) at work. When Di Girolamo's more outgoing brother Valerio (Adriano Giannini) stops by for a visit, he goads Di Girolamo into making small talk with Sofia, and soon he makes the unexpected discovery that Sophia has long had an infatuation with him.

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MTLC ID: 5120