Ein Mann, Ein Fjord

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Angelo Colagrossi
Language: German
Subtitles: None

Norbert Krabbe of Wanne, an unemployed clerk and an earnest contest participant, wins a fjord in the Lofoten Islands. But how do you get to Norway - to "Norbert-Krabbe-Fjord" and your own log cabin - when you are broke and get sick on the train? What Norbert lacks in money, he makes up for with original ideas: disguised as a cleaning crew, he and his daughter cross into Denmark, then continue as hitchhikers and with the help of scammed ship tickets. Several absurd meetings later, among them Horst Schlämmer, Uschi Blum and the strong-smelling Norwegian, Lars, who predicts the future with the help of a dog quartet, the next surprise awaits Norbert on his destination...

Note:  The dialog is in German, and subtitles are not available for this film)

More Information:
MTLC ID: 4145