Gespenster (Ghosts)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Christian Petzold
Language: German
Subtitles: German

A man travels from Paris to Berlin in search of his wife. He finds her in a psychiatric hospital in Spandau and takes her back to Paris. Every year, the wife makes the journey to Berlin, desperately searching for her daughter who was abducted in 1989 at the age of three. She was never found. The wife ends up meeting a young vagabond named Nina. A drifter who doesn't seem to have a home of her own, Nina roams about the city with Toni, taking the world as it comes, stealing whatever she can. The wife is convinced that Nina is her lost daughter.

NOTE: This is a region 0 DVD.   To play it, you need a multi-region DVD player or computer with VLC media player installed.  A standard US DVD player won't play this disk. To avoid these problems, play the movie using the streaming button below:

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MTLC ID: 4127