Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di Sopra Di Ogni Sospetto)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Elio Petri
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

In a time of internal political disturbance, Roman police inspector Gian Maria Volontè gets that plum assignment: crack down on political dissidents; then proceeds to slash the throat of married mistress Florinda Bolkan ("a beautiful, kinky masochist" - Vincent Canby). But as homicide cops swarm over the murder scene, guess who gets tapped to head the investigation? And, as every clue unearthed - most perversely planted by Volontè himself - leads right back to... is anybody going to do anything about it?

Investigation... becomes a biting critique of Italian police methods and authoritarian repression, a psychological study of a budding crypto-fascist, a probing why-dunnit, and a buildup to a question-stamped finale.

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More Information:
MTLC ID: 5130