Scherzo del destino in agguato dietro l'angolo come un brigante da strada (A Joke of Destiny)

Media: Streaming Only
Author/Director: Lina Wertm├╝ller
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

The satirical story of a high level government official who becomes trapped in his high-tech limousine. "In an irreverent send up of politicians and feminists and others, director and co-writer Lina Wertmuller has a Minister of the Interior locked inside his impermeable luxury car with only his broken computer to keep him company. Unfortunately, this accident happens at the villa of a conservative party deputy (Ugo Tognazzi) whose wildly eccentric wife Maria Teresa (Piera Degli Espositi) is in a panic about hiding her lover (Enzo Jannacci) in the basement -- he is an escaped terrorist. While the authorities arrive to make one futile effort after another to get the Minister out of his car, the Minister's assistant deadpans his way through the household chaos, and the granny is busy smoking pot.

Note: this stream was taken from a VHS cassette--other media are not currently available.  Quality is only fair.


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MTLC ID: 5711