Journey [TV Series] Collector's Edition

Media: DVD
Author/Director: China International Television Corporation
Language: Chinese

"Journey" TV series.   (Box Set of 11 disks)  

Episodes as follows:

Monkey episode came early 
episode official seal Bima Wen 
Episode Story Havoc 
Episode Five prisoners trapped mountain 
monk Paul Monkey Episode 
, Episode disaster from Goddess of Mercy Hospital 
sevens total income Pig 
Section Eight sets of three hard every way hom 
eat ginseng fruit of ninth 
tenth episode Skeleton Demon 
Monkey eleventh set of intellectual shock 
set Indiana Lianhua twelfth 
thirteenth set Chuyao Wuji country 
set fourteenth Wars Red baby 
fifteenth episode of wits down three strange 
set of interest by the daughter of the sixteenth 
seventeenth set of three palm-leaf fan tune 
set to sweep the eighteenth tower defense Vengeance 
nineteenth sets strayed little Leiyin 
twenty sets Sun Monkey clever practice 
twenty first set wrong fall silken web 
twenty second set of four exploration bottomless 
twenty third set of Communication Arts Yuhua Continent 
twenty fourth set of Tianzhu closing rabbit 
twenty fifth set of wave-induced bliss days 
(continued) episode dangerous crossing Tongtianhe 
(continued) Episode mentoring students disloyalty 
(continued) Episode genuine Monkey King 
(continued) Episode hampered Lions Camel Ridge 
(continued) Episode Fairy Peacock Taiwan 
(cont.) six sets Tathagata received Mirs 
(continued) sevens love off the Blackwater River 
(continued) th episode Shoufu Green Niuguai 
(continued) of ninth pray for rain impatiens County 
(continued) Tenth row set Phi Xiangdian 
( Continued) Set eleventh absolute domain thoroughfare 
(continued) Set twelfth tears hidden Smokies 
(continued) Thirteenth set Rescue City children 
(continued) Set fourteenth Ji Pirates Bodhi City 
(continued) XV Set revive Kou kindness 
(continued) XVI set lanterns Jinping House

ISBN: 978-7-7998-1988-4
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MTLC ID: 2120