Media: DVD
Author/Director: Sylke Enders
Language: German
Subtitles: English

16 years old Julia calls herself Kroko and plays the role of a tough and ruthless girly gang leader in Berlin-Wedding, home of the losers within the German capital. She dominates her surrounding with her hyper- coolness and her attractiveness. Her life is made up of hanging around with her gang, visiting the local clubs and discotheques, occasional robberies, and a big deal of boredom. At home, she terrorizes her mother with ignorance, who desparately tries to get through her live of alcoholism and the obligations of a mother of 2 children - Kroko and her little sister Cora. One night, she and her gang capture a car, drive through the town -- but then she runs over a man who suddenly crosses the street. She is caught and the judge sentences her to 60 hours work in a social service where disabled persons are cared for. Instead of showing some repentance of what she's done, Kroko is indignant of having to get in touch with cripples and spastics. During the first phase of her punishment, she is aggressive, insulting the disabled, refusing to do any kind of work at the station. But after a while things slightly begin to change. Kroko experiences that her gang won't be of any help for her to cope with the problems she has, and even her boy-friend finally gets fed up with her ugly mixture of arrogance and helplessness, coolness and immaturity. Finding herself pretty much alone, she carefully opens herself for the people at the social service station.

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MTLC ID: 4123