La Femme Nikita

Media: Streaming Only
Author/Director: Luc Besson
Language: French
Subtitles: English

An urgent life-or-death dilemma befalls Nikita--the feral street girl and violent drug addict--after killing a police officer at point blank. Hopeless, Nikita is given a new lease of life, when she reluctantly exchanges her doomed fate for a secret government program that promises to mould her into a cold-blooded assassin under the wing of her sadistic mentor, Bob. Now--with a new set of skills, a new identity, and lethally sophisticated looks--Nikita is the ultimate weapon and the perfect puppet for doing the government's dirty work; however, what happens if this trained killer chooses love over death?

Note: This DVD is part of the Wallace collection; the disk does not reside in the MLTC.

More Information:
MTLC ID: 3709
Wallace Catalog Number: b3216168