La Pelle

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Liliana Cavani
Language: Italian

This is a film from the 1980s which explores the naivete of the conquering 5th Division of the American army as it takes Napoli and advances on to Rome. What they encounter is the veneer of civility scraped over some of the most intense brutality you have ever seen. There are two main protagonists.The naive Jimmy from Cleveland is taken by the worldly Italian aristocrat Malaparte and shown this twilight world, every one welcomes the Americans and no-one was ever a fascist. German prisoners of war are fed up while the local population starves, and everything, absolutely everything, is for sale, and the free market is in full swing. It seems absurdly cheap to Jimmy, but as he is dragged further in he realises there is always a heavy price to pay

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MTLC ID: 5110