Männer (Men)

Media: Blu-ray Disc
Author/Director: Doris Dörrie
Language: German
Subtitles: None

A workaholic businessman, Julius Armbrust (Heiner Lauterbach), is having an affair with his attractive secretary. (He's married and has two children.) Coincidentally, on their wedding anniversary, Armbrust finds out that his dissatisfied wife Paula (Ulrike Kriener) is also having an affair with a free-spirited artist named Stefan Lachner (Uwe Ochsenknecht) who is single, and he isn't happy about it--a remarkable double standard. Subsequently, out of jealousy and curiosity, he decides to learn some things about her lover, so he goes undercover and becomes Lachner's apartment roommate with the intention of figuring out what his wife likes so much about him.

This movie is in German--there are no subtitles available.

NOTE: The media in the MLTC Library is a Region 2 Blu-ray disk that will not play in most DVD or Blu-ray players sold in the United States.  Use the streaming button below to view it--the movie will play in Blu-ray quality (1920 x 1080) if your network connection and display can handle it.


More Information:
MTLC ID: 4600