My Voyage to Italy

Media: Streaming Only
Author/Director: Martin Scorsese
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

"I saw these movies. They had a powerful effect on me. You should see them." That's Martin Scorsese's message for this documentary. We meet his family on Elizabeth Street in New York; he's a third generation Italian with Sicilian roots. Starting in 1949, they watched movies on TV as well as in theaters, lots of Italian imports. Scorsese, with his narration giving a personal as well as a public context, shows extended clips of these movies. Films of Rossellini and De Sica fill part one; those of Visconti, Fellini, and Antonioni comprise part two. Scorsese takes time with emotion, style, staging, technique, political context, and cinematic influence. It's his movie family.

The dialog in this movie is primarily in English with Italian film clips.  Some of the Italian dialog is subtitled in English; most of it is not.

NOTE: This movie is in two parts, each of them approximately two hours long.  Total running time is 4 hours and 5 minutes.

The media for this film is located in the Wallace collection, DVD0646

ISBN: ASIN: B000092T5D
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