The Night Porter

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Liliana Cavani
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Thirteen years after WWII a concentration camp survivor (Charlotte Rampling) and her tormentor, currently the night porter at a Vienna hotel, meet again and fall back into their sado-masochistic relationship. The dark and melancholy story of a former teenage Nazi concentration camp inmate, Lucia, and the S.S. officer who was her torturer/lover, Max , who accidentally meet again in a Vienna hotel in 1957 where Max works as the night porter. They resume their sadomasochistic relationship, although Max's former S.S. comrades have something different in mind for them. The story unfolds like a gruesome dance of death.

This is an Italian film, but the dialog is in English.

ISBN: 0780022823
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MTLC ID: 5114