Tannöd (The Murder Farm)

Media: DVD
Author/Director: Bettina Oberli
Language: German
Subtitles: None

Deep within a blue-black fir forest lie's the secluded murder farm. It was here that the entire Danner family including their children and the new servant were brutally murdered with a pickaxe. No one in the village heard or saw a thing and yet no one was surprised: old man Danner was a tyrant and a miser who fell out with everyone in the village; his deeply pious wife spoke to no one; and they say old Danner fathered the children of his daughter Barbara... Two years later when the 26-year-old nurse Kathrin turns up in the village the killer has still not been found. She soon discovers that behind the tightly woven web of lies and silence lays a deep sense of guilt in the village and she realizes that this case has much more to do with her than she would have liked to admit.

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MTLC ID: 4154