Equipment Policy

Special Policy for Long Term Equipment Loans

Through The Modern Languages Technology Center Project funding opportunity, many sections have acquired equipment along the years. Due to the nature of these long terms loans, to be used within a specific language section or by individuals for an extended period of time, MLTC is unable to manage them directly on site. For this reason, the section coordinator as well as each user, through whom the equipment was requested, should be familiar with the following policies:

  • Coordinators and instructors need to keep the equipment from theft or accidental damage to the best of their capacity and be able to locate the equipment at any time.
  • The long terms loans cannot be managed, stocked or loaned by MLTC.
  • Long terms loans remain the property of MLTC.
  • Although MLTC will help at the best of its capabilities, any technical assistance for these devices (including professional development) should be managed by the coordinator, ITS or TLS.
  • In case of loss or damage, the loanee should immediately report to MLTC and to the coordinator. MLTC will then inform Public Safety if necessary. The loanee is financially responsible for replacing or repairing the equipment if it is lost, stolen damaged or destroyed while it is in their possession. These devices are not insured.