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Coming Events

Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public.

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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club

Taking a philosophy course and want to know more about what this philosophy thing is about? Simply interested in philosophical discussion? Join us for informal conversation and student presentations. Our goal is to make philosophy inclusive and accessible to all levels of experience… newbies and seasoned philosophers alike.

Fridays 5:00–7:00
Eastman lounge

(in front of the ID office;
for any latecomers, if you cannot find us there,
go to the end of the hallway, turn right, and we’ll
be in the first room on the right).

If you wish to stay up to date with the club,
here is our Facebook group:

Friday 28 April 2017
Innovation Hall (Simone Center)

FRIDAY, 28 APRIL 2017, Simone Center (SIH-1600)

9:00–9:30 Coffee and Meet & Greet
9:35–10:25 Panel I: Skepticism about Decision Making

  • Alexander Flavin (RIT), “A New Basis for General Skepticism”
  • Devin Lane (Northeastern University), “Moral Realism and the External World: Parallel Cases of Skepticism”
  • Discussant: Thomas Foley (RIT)
10:40–11:30 Panel II: Philosophy in a New Political Climate
  • Christopher Snyder (RIT), “What Good is Philosophy for Undergraduate Students?”
  • Kellianne Kornick (RIT), “Modern Woman”
  • Discussant: Benjamin Scott (RIT)
11:30–12:45 Lunch

12:45–1:35 Panel III: Love and Death
  • Emily Bystrak (SUNY Fredonia), “For the Love of Philosophy: An Overview of Theories of Love”
  • Bianca Gonzalez (Buffalo State College), “Should We Fear Death?: The Symmetry Argument in Epicurus”
  • Discussant: Reuben Van Hoeve (RIT)
1:50–2:40 Panel IV: Ethical Theory and Its Application
  • Brendan Doyle (Niagara University), “Kantian Feasibility”
  • Jessica Tetu (Skidmore College), “At the Feet of a Monk: An Analysis of Modern Monastic Buddhist Women”
  • Discussant: Charles Hess (Ithaca College)
2:55–3:45 Panel V: Eastern Solutions to Problems of Western Philosophy
  • Russell Guilbault (University of Buffalo), “Mind as Action in Zen Buddhist Thought”
  • Benjamin Profenius (Skidmore College), “Nishitani on Nietzsche: Absolute Nothingness versus the Will to Power”
  • Discussant: Eric Franz (RIT)
4:00–5:30 Keynote Address

Paul Horwich (New York University),
“Progress in Philosophy”

Questions? Contact Dr. Colin Mathers at

For further information on upcoming events, contact

Professor Silvia Benso, Chair
Department of Philosophy
Office: 1305 College of Liberal Arts
Phone: (585) 475-4116