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School Psychology

Program Description

The Advanced Certificate in School Psychology is an 21-credit program that provides an overview of assessment and intervention related to School Psychology. The certificate program is embedded within the M.S. program. Therefore, all students who complete the M.S. program in School Psychology will also earn the Advanced Certificate.

The A.C. in School Psychology also serves as a stand-alone program for students who wish to gain some knowledge and skills in assessment, counseling, consultation, and intervention in schools. It is ideal for school practitioners who would like further professional development, or for individuals who would like to explore the field of school psychology without committing to a full program.

The A.C. in School Psychology is made up of the following courses:

SPSY 630   Academic Assessment (3 credits)
SPSY 620   Interpersonal Intervention Skills (3 credits)
SPSY 650   Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
SPSY 640   Statistics (3 credits)
SPSY 641   Research Methods (3 credits)
SPSY 720   Advanced Consultation (3 credits)
SPSY 723   Systems and Organizational Interventions (3 credits)