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Co-Op Instructions

  1. Begin your co-op experience (or equivalent) by utilizing the many resources offered by the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services such as job-search assistance, resume writing, and interviewing techniques training.
  2. Co-ops must be pre-approved by the Department of Psychology. Once you've identified a co-op opportunity, please complete an approval form (see below) and submit it to for approval by Dr. Jessamy Comer.
  3. Upon approval, you will be enrolled in the registration system (SIS).
  4. You are required to register your approved co-op in the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services JobZone System. Here are the directions:

       a.  Go to
       b.  Click on "Student"
       c.  Sign in using you DCE account number
       d.  Click on the button "Report Your Job"
       e.  Complete the form and submit it

  1. Upon completion of your co-op, you will be directed to complete a summary of your work experience.
  2. Finally, your employer will receive a request to complete an evaluation of your job performance. This request will be sent by the JobZone System.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Department of Psychology at

Approval Forms:



Undergraduate Research Experience