100 Level Courses

PUBL-101 Foundations of Public Policy
This interdisciplinary course introduces the student to the key concepts of public policy, the policymaking process, the role of stakeholders and interest groups, and the basic dimensions policy analysis. Those concepts are then applied through a range of issues, such as the environment, clean energy, climate change, healthcare, cybersecurity, employment, privacy, telecommunications, and innovation, at local, state, federal and international levels. Lecture, Credits 3
PUBL-120 Contemporary Issues in Public Policy
This course provides students the understanding of the concepts of public policy formation and implementation, the role of citizens, other stakeholders, and interest groups. Students will engage in analysis of a wide array of contemporary socio-economic issues, through structured writing assignments and class presentations. The course content is structured to provide students with the skills to increase their writing proficiency, and the opportunities to publicly communicate and defend their ideas. Lecture, Credits 3