Minors & Immersions


Minor Advisor:
Sandra Rothenberg
Room 1305 Eastman Hall

Department Office:
1301 Eastman Hall

The public policy minor provides students with a foundation in the field of public policy and allows them to make connections between public policy and other fields of study. This minor underscores the role of public policy on science and technology-based problems. Students will obtain a deeper understanding of what public policy is and how it is integrated within a number of specific contexts.

Students must take five of the courses from the list below.  At least one must be from the list of three foundational options (PUBL-101. PUBL-201, or STSO-201). The other four can come from the any of the courses listed below, including the other two foundational courses. (At least two of these courses must be 300 level or above.).

This minor is closed to students majoring in public policy.


Required Courses: Choose at least one of the three below:

PUBL-101 Foundations of Public Policy
PUBL-201 Ethics, Values and Public Policy
STSO-201 Science and Technology Policy 



Electives: Choose up to four of the courses to bring your total number of courses to 5*

PUBL-210 Introduction to Qualitative Methods
PUBL-301 Public Policy Analysis
PUBL-302 Decision Analysis 
PUBL-489 Special Topics in Public Policy
PUBL-510 Technology Innovation and Public Policy
PUBL-520 Information and Communication Policy
PUBL-530 Energy Policy
STSO-341 Biomedical Issues

* two electives must be 300 level or higher