Research & Publications


The faculty of the College of Liberal Arts are top scholars in their fields, producing a high volume of quality research and publications.  We produce dozens of books and hundreds of scholarly articles each year, and this research often involves students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.   In 2012, for instance, faculty produced at least 180 publications, over 160 of which were published as journal articles, book chapters, or full-length scholarly books. Our faculty engage with critical questions facing the world from areas such as international studies, the psychology of vision, computational linguistics, and energy policy, to name only a few.  You can read more about our faculty’s award-winning scholarly work at The Wallace Center’s Report on Scholarship.

Our faculty are also key players in garnering external funding for their research in areas such as public policy, computational linguistics, criminal justice, psychology, university-community partnerships, and other areas of the humanities and social sciences.  What our faculty bring to funded research efforts include exceptional communication skills, the ability to add value to collaborative cross-institutional partnerships, a wide variety of research interests along with relationships with community organizations, and the involvement of students in sponsored research projects.