RIT Orchestra

2017-2018 Registration and Audition Information

Registration and Audition

Membership is open to anyone from RIT and the Rochester area.

Auditions will be offered during the first week of classes.

Sign-up for auditions online via this link. Auditions are for new orchestra students only. Returning orchestra students: please complete the form via the same link to indicate your interest in continued enrollment.

The RIT Orchestra uses rotating seating placements and principal players for the different concert programs during the academic year, allowing our musicians to play different parts and to experience a variety of seating arrangements in the orchestra. Auditions for the RIT Orchestra serves the purpose for you and the orchestra’s director (Dr. V) to connect in person and to ensure that you will have the appropriate seating placement in the RIT Orchestra.

All orchestra instruments
Prepare an excerpt from the standard repertoire for your instrument. This excerpt can be the opening of a sonata or a movement of a piece you have studied. You will also be asked to sight-read two excerpts during your audition.

In addition to the excerpt of your choice and sight-reading, prepare the following excerpt:

Please contact the director, Dr. Välitalo (jhvgsl@rit.edu) with any questions.

Flute and Piccolo
Please prepare the following excerpts below. Students can choose either flute or piccolo excerpts:

Those interested in auditioning, please contact Laura Lentz (lauralentzflute@gmail.com) to set an audition time. Auditions will be held the first week of classes.