I chose Sociology & Anthropology at RIT because of how I started my post-secondary education at a local community college (Nassau Community College) on Long Island, NY, where I grew up. Soc/Anthro classes were my favorite because they fused writing with observing and analyzing. I thrived in those classes during my time at Nassau CC, then went on to study how to become an interpreter of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. I had enough credits available to be able to take on a second major, so that's what landed me in the Soc-Anthro program.

I stayed at RIT for the Masters of Science in Secondary Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (MSSE) Program at NTID. I completed my two-year program there while being a graduate research assistant to Dr. Jessica Trussell from the Center for Education Research Partnerships. With that position, I was able to support Dr. Trussell with her research of Morphological knowledge in students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. I presented at the Educational Support Service Personnel (ESSP) Conference in Syracuse, NY, as well as at The Association of College Educators-Deaf & Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH) Conference in San Antonio, TX. Presenting at those conferences were very rewarding experiences. After my two student teaching internships in the spring semester of my final year in MSSE, I graduated in May 2017. I actually got married on the same day as my graduation day! My husband is also an alumnus of RIT, having graduated from Kate Gleason College of Engineering in May 2015. We are now living in Denver, Colorado. I am working at Rocky Mountain Deaf School as a high school English teacher and my husband is a hardware engineer for Lockheed Martin Space Systems.


Alison Cawley Brusehaber

Double major: Sociology & Anthropology and American Sign Language Interpreting