INGS 501 - Capstone Seminar

This upper division seminar constitutes the final core requirement in the international and global studies degree program. Students will enroll in this course in their final year of study. The capstone seminar will further develop and sharpen the student's understanding of globalization and international processes. The course uses a problem-solving focus to provide a detailed analysis of one or more contemporary issues in the field of international and global studies, culminating in a written senior thesis and project presentation.Recitation, Credits 3

INGS 502 - Advanced Research

Seminar for majors in international and global studies. Upon successful completion of the capstone seminar, qualified students may engage in enhanced research in a specific area or dimension of their capstone project under the supervision of a faculty expert. May be taken either as an elective in the advanced study option in international and global studies or as an institute elective. Under the supervision of and collaboration with a faculty expert, the students will further explore, investigate, and rewrite an aspect of their senior project for a conference presentation, for publication, or for enhancement of expertise in their selected field specialization.Research, Credits 1 - 6

INGS 597 - Study Abroad

Students will develop skills in critical thinking, ethical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication in an international setting through participating in a Study Abroad program (at least four weeks).CO OP, Credits 0

INGS 598 - Internship

Internship in a field related to international and global studies (at least 160 hours of work, completed over at least four weeks). Students will apply the accumulated knowledge, theory, and methods of the discipline to problem solving outside of the classroom.Internship, Credits 0 - 16