I chose Sociology & Anthropology at RIT because I wanted to become an archaeologist. Ever since I was a child I've loved history and I really wanted a career where I could get my hands on some real history. I loved Dr. Middleton's classes on the Zapotec and Dr. Anderson's classes on the Incas. As an undergraduate, I studied abroad for six weeks in East Sussex, England at Herstmonceux Castle. We studied Roman Britain archaeology, Medieval Britain archaeology, and we excavated a medieval hunting lodge on the castle grounds. I wrote my senior thesis on burial archaeology, looking to see if there were similarities from two different cultures despite vast geographical distance. My favorite part about studying about RIT was the one on one attention I got with a lot of professors. Because classes were so small, I was able to ask more questions and get into really good, in-depth discussions.

Currently, I'm a Marketing Associate at a medical device company. I recently finished a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. The skills I learned at RIT—how to think critically and write professionally—have helped pave the way to my current position. Even though I'm in marketing now, I still follow several archaeology blogs and lucky for me, I have a friend who invites me on digs every now and then!

My biggest piece of advice for students would be to not stress about figuring out what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. There are so many job opportunities in this world that you will find something that makes you happy and that will make you feel fulfilled. Even if the job is completely different from what you went to school for, the skills you learn at RIT will take you wherever you want to go.

Dylan Konn

B.S., Sociology & Anthropology