Studying Sociology & Anthropology at RIT was a challenging, yet rewarding experience. By choosing this major, I was able to create a strong foundation for meeting my personal and professional goals. I have always known that I wanted a job helping others, however I quickly found that it's difficult to narrow this desire into a specific major! Having a degree in Sociology & Anthropology allowed me to learn more about the human population on a macro level, in addition to individual human interactions on a micro level. During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to intern with RIT University/Community Partnerships, helping various community initiatives in the City of Rochester such as the Westside Farmers Market and the Marketview Heights Collective Action Project. Through this experience, along with classes that focused social inequalities and injustices, I chose to complete my senior thesis on "The Effect of Adult-Youth Mentoring Programs on Youth Crime." After graduating in 2016, I chose to pursue a Master's Degree in Social Work at the University at Buffalo, with a focus on Mental Health/Addiction Treatment.


Update: In 2018, Jessica received her M.S.W. degree and was starting a fellowship in Psychosocial Rehabilitation at the Bedford Veteran's Affairs hospital outside of Boston. 



Jessica Clark

B.S., Sociology and Anthropology