Attending college at RIT was by far one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life. Professor Serravallo joked in class on multiple occasions, "Who is here for their education? Ah, put your hands down. All of you are here for a career." However, when I started college, I really had no end goal in mind. I was just incredibly curious and confused about the world I live in and its social dynamics; I had so many questions. I run on passion and empathy for other people, so the courses in this major really set me on fire and motivated me for the next chapter of my life. Some of these courses include Sustainable Development taught by Courtney Kurlanska, Immigration to the U.S. by Christine Kray, and Global Studies by Conerly Casey. I loved these classes because they helped me develop an understanding of my place in the world, in addition to enhancing my comprehensive knoweldge of the social systems that impact so many aspects of our lives. I plan on pursuing my Masters in Sustainability and Urban/Regional Planning in the Fall of 2019. In the meantime, I am eager and excited to go backpacking in Europe for three months with my little brother. I am super excited for what lies ahead! Of course, without my experience at RIT, none of this would be possible. I owe it all to the support of the wonderful RIT community, professors, tutors, staff members, and my family.


Sophie Rabb

Double major: Sociology & Anthropology and International & Global Studies