200 Level Courses

STSO-201 Science and Technology Policy

Examines how local, state, federal and international policies are developed to influence innovation, the transfer of technology and industrial productivity in the United States and other selected nations. Class 3, Credit 3

STSO-220 Environment and Society

This course introduces the interdisciplinary foundations of environmental science via an analysis of sustainability within a socio-cultural context.  This is a required course for the environmental science degree program. Class 3, Credit 3

STSO-240 Social Consequences of Technology

Modern society is increasingly based on technology. With each advance due to technology, unanticipated problems are also introduced. Society must define and solve these problems or the advances may be diluted or lost. In this course we study several interactions between technology and the world in which we live. We investigate how various technologies developed and compare the expected effects of the new technologies with the actual results. Class 3, Credit 3 (F, S)

STSO-246 History of Women in Science and Engineering

Using biographical and social-historical approaches, this course examines the history of women's involvement in science and engineering since the birth of modern science in the seventeenth century; the historical roots of gender bias in the Western scientific enterprise; and the influx of women into science and engineering since the mid-to-late twentieth century. Cross-listed with women's and gender studies. Class 3, Credit 3 (S)