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Selecting a Liberal Arts Immersion allows you to explore areas of interest apart from your major, as well as develop crucial transferable skills that you will use throughout your career.   

Your immersion should be something that you value and enjoy studying, as well as challenge you to think in new ways. An immersion allows you to develop a secondary area of study which you can utilize either in conjunction with, or apart from your major.  It’s up to you!

To help you find an immersion that fits with your interests and goals, we’ve developed an easy way to navigate the liberal arts options available to you. You’ll be able to explore immersions based on your areas of interest, as well as see what immersions other students in your home College are pursuing. We’ll also highlight topics each immersion covers, the transferable skills gained and refined through its study, as well as possible careers you can pursue when you combine it with your major.  

When you find an immersion that interests you, you can print or email the information to yourself. That way, you’ll have it handy when you meet with your Advisor to discuss your options and declare your immersion. You can also opt to complete a minor instead, with most requiring only two additional courses in addition to requirements for the immersion.

So play around, have fun and see what interests you!

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