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What are people saying about RIT University / Community Partnerships?
Video testimonials can be found on our Facebook page.

When I think of RIT, I think of the University/Community Partnerships—It was a defining part of my college experience. It helped me connect with the broader Rochester community. I had the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in classes about community development and sustainability and had real
world experiences in my field.” - Carolyn White, Public Policy, BS 2011

 "I've been with RIT University/Community partnerships for the past 4 or 5 years as a youth in the Learning Communities.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Being part of it made me realize how much change is needed in our community and I've played a big part of it.  I came out of it with numerous skills I didn't have before, such as leadership and communication.  I'm a leader now, as I'm a coach for youth in soccer, basketball and softball.  I hope to become a professional coach one day." -Jamaal Fitzpatrick, Monroe High School, 2011
"Working with RIT University/Community Partnerships gave me an additional learning experience that I wouldn't have gotten in the classroom.  I was actually able to work with a population I'm interested in working with in my career.  I had an opportunity to learn from the individuals impacted rather than through text books, which gave me a better understanding of what is happening in the City of Rochester." -Ashley Vasquez, Criminal Justice, BS 2012
"RIT rocks!  It's Fun!  I learned about photography, videos, cooking and even got to have my videos on TV. I've been in two Learning Communities.  The people I worked with are nice and we did helpful things together." -Gerrod, Age 12 
"I wish more students knew about RIT's University/Community Partnerships. I got involved after taking a Sustainable Communities class with Ann Howard in the fall, and it has been one of my favorite experiences while here at RIT. Not only did I fulfill my desire to do more in the Rochester area, I learned from the experience as well. I had a lot of fun creating a healthy video project with youth and residents in the Northeast Rochester area and will continue to be involved even after I graduate." -Robert Watson, Information Technology, BS 2012

"Any RIT student regardless of major would gain experience and applicable skills for their career while working in the local community.  Personally, it was a defining part of my college experience which opened up new career paths and opportunities." -Joseph Cam. Hebda, Political Science and STS/Public Policy,BS 2012

“This program enables RIT students the opportunity to make a large impact in Rochester. For me personally I gained more confidence and more leadership experience--A huge breath of knowledge and experience in public safety and leadership, through communications, recruiting, agency management, volunteer leadership and a ton of other stuff directly related to my career and where I want to go in life.” -Christopher Tarantino, Business Administration/Marketing, Concentration: Criminal Justice, BS 2013.

"My project experience was collaborative.  A lot of us came from different fields (majors.)  It was interesting to see how we could all work together on the project and learn from one another." - Yumi Kim, New Media Interactive Development, BS 2015