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What are people saying about RIT University / Community Partnerships?
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When I think of RIT, I think of the University/Community Partnerships—It was a defining part of my college experience. It helped me connect with the broader Rochester community. I had the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in classes about community development and sustainability and had real
world experiences in my field.” - Carolyn White, Public Policy, BS 2011

 "I've been with RIT University/Community partnerships for the past 4 or 5 years as a youth in the Learning Communities.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Being part of it made me realize how much change is needed in our community and I've played a big part of it.  I came out of it with numerous skills I didn't have before, such as leadership and communication.  I'm a leader now, as I'm a coach for youth in soccer, basketball and softball.  I hope to become a professional coach one day." -Jamaal Fitzpatrick, Monroe High School, 2011
"Working with RIT University/Community Partnerships gave me an additional learning experience that I wouldn't have gotten in the classroom.  I was actually able to work with a population I'm interested in working with in my career.  I had an opportunity to learn from the individuals impacted rather than through text books, which gave me a better understanding of what is happening in the City of Rochester." -Ashley Vasquez, Criminal Justice, BS 2012
"RIT rocks!  It's Fun!  I learned about photography, videos, cooking and even got to have my videos on TV. I've been in two Learning Communities.  The people I worked with are nice and we did helpful things together." -Gerrod, Age 12 
"I wish more students knew about RIT's University/Community Partnerships. I got involved after taking a Sustainable Communities class with Ann Howard in the fall, and it has been one of my favorite experiences while here at RIT. Not only did I fulfill my desire to do more in the Rochester area, I learned from the experience as well. I had a lot of fun creating a healthy video project with youth and residents in the Northeast Rochester area and will continue to be involved even after I graduate." -Robert Watson, Information Technology, BS 2012

"Any RIT student regardless of major would gain experience and applicable skills for their career while working in the local community.  Personally, it was a defining part of my college experience which opened up new career paths and opportunities." -Joseph Cam. Hebda, Political Science and STS/Public Policy,BS 2012

“This program enables RIT students the opportunity to make a large impact in Rochester. For me personally I gained more confidence and more leadership experience--A huge breath of knowledge and experience in public safety and leadership, through communications, recruiting, agency management, volunteer leadership and a ton of other stuff directly related to my career and where I want to go in life.” -Christopher Tarantino, Business Administration/Marketing, Concentration: Criminal Justice, BS 2013.

"My project experience was collaborative.  A lot of us came from different fields (majors.)  It was interesting to see how we could all work together on the project and learn from one another." - Yumi Kim, New Media Interactive Development, BS 2015

“RIT University/Community partnerships had a huge impact on my RIT career. By being involved, I had the opportunity to experience different areas of the city while working within the Rochester community. Not only did I come away with knowledge about nutrition and local food, but I also learned  lessons that can be applied outside of the classroom.  To top it all off, I have the privilege of working with incredibly supportive people that helped to shape this unforgettable experience." - Morgan Scoyne, Applied Arts and Sciences, Scholar Athlete, BS 2015

"Without RIT UCP my undergraduate experience would not have been complete. My focus of coursework was Urban and Community Studies, which created a foundation of understanding.  I’ve taken courses in urban poverty, housing policy, and youth development.

By working with Rochester residents, I was able to gain deeper knowledge and develop meaningful relationships with community members.   These experiences have contributed to the formulation of my future educational and professional goals in social work.“ - Jessica Clark, Sociology/Anthropology, BS 2016


“This experience got me thinking about different career paths as a dietitian. It was good to have a community nutrition experience and to see what’s happening locally. It helped me develop my topic for my senior project.” Kari Rolle, Nutrition Management, BS, 2016

“It’s a great way to grow as a person, to contribute to the community and become a part of the community. I was able to learn about food policy in my classroom, and see how it directly impacts people with this opportunity.” Nicole Howley, Public Policy BS 2014, MS 2016


“When I see RIT didn’t really see the impact it has on the community.  I just want to finish my requirements and graduate.  But then I came across the Field to Table which is a collaborative with RIT University Community Partnerships and Marketview Heights Collective Action Project. I see a lot of great intentions and a lot of hope. By participating in the Field to Table project I think I’m more ready to take on responsibilities in my own life.  I have taken away some pride. I didn’t know much about the garden and my Dad lives around there.  I now know more about the garden and have pride in the work I did there. I have gotten to know the people in the area. I also know more about being a role model and the effect a young adult like myself could have on young teenagers.  It made me think more about the brand I want to have, the way people perceive me. I take away the memories I have of the summer.” - Carlos Villegas, Business Management, BS 2019

“Through the RIT UCP and the Marketview Height’s Collective Action Projects’ Field to Table project, I’ve gained leadership experience and a better understanding of what a strong community should look like. I’ve learned how to assess my own needs and interests in collaborating with other people.     I definitely feel like a master gardener now.  I’m more experienced with working with kids which is huge for me.  I have developed a joy for teaching.” - Jovon McCullough, SOIS BS, 2019