Exhibit Sneak Peek at Imagine Festival, May 5th

Get an advance look at the Frans Wildenhain mid-century ceramics exhibition that begins later this summer by visiting with us at the Imagine Festival Saturday, May 5th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the RIT campus.

We’ll have give-aways — like just about everyone else at the all-day event.

But unlike everyone else, we’ll have the only examples of mid-century modern ceramics created by Bauhaus-trained master ceramist Frans Wildenhain you’ll be able to see until the exhibit opens on August 20th.

Of course, we also have charming personalities and we’re eager to tell you all about Frans Wildenhain and his modernist pottery contributions, including the original Shop One.

Some of you will want to share with us your stories about Frans, your trips to Shop One, and the mid-century art that’s so popular there’s an entire TV show decorated with it: Mad Men.

We have buttons. We have postcards. There’s information about the exhibit and its accompanying catalog; take one minute to fill-out a brief form to win a chance for a free exhibit catalog.

Join Kelly Anderson, Steve Bodnar, Hanna Stoehr, Alicia Treat and Bruce Austin at the Frans Wildenhain booth in the Field House, booth number 120: http://www.rit.edu/imagine/planyourday12/exhibit.php?id=132

Add the Wildenhain Imagine exhibit to your Imagine itinerary now. And when you see us, be sure to pick up your copy of “Bauhaus at Our House,” a walking tour to Bauhaus-inspired art on the RIT campus that you can view while at the Festival.

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  1. Thanks to Kelly Anderson, Steve Bodnar, Hanna Stoehr, and Alicia Treat for staffing the Imagine RIT Festival’s Frans Wildenhain booth. You were excellent ambassadors for Wildenhain as well as RIT.

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