In the Zone

When was the last time you drove 25 miles an hour? We’re not counting the space between when you start your car and achieve the speed you desire.

Nor are we counting the times when, stuck behind a giant RV or tractor trailer going uphill, you cursed as your car crawled at the cruel, painful and pokey 25 mph rate while in a 45 mph zone.

Remember the lyric: “It hurts my motor to go so slow”?

Instead, when did you last intentionally, purposely drive your vehicle at 25 mph for some distance? Say, a couple of miles.

The only time this happens to me is while on vacation. The rest of the time – and that’s around 90 percent of the time – 35 mph seems way, way too slow.

It’s as though once in the car, I become Sammy Hagar. You know: Take my license and all that jive, I can’t drive no 55.

But the moment vacation begins, suddenly I’m fully capable of driving 25. Happily, in fact.

Typically, vacation takes place in southern Maine. A drive along the ocean has a posted speed limit of 25. So too the residential streets that approach the beach are similarly posted.

In the booming and tourist-filled downtown where I vacation – which is about the size of a postage stamp – going 25 mph seems almost like speeding. There, in town, the “summah” people crowd the sidewalks which, they think, extend from the concrete they’re standing on, across the black-colored macadam with the white stripes to the other strip of concrete over yonder.

Doesn’t bother me. No matter how long it takes to get through town. And, often, it takes quite a while. One could read a short novel while waiting.

But move the venue to another place and put the time in a different context (i.e., work) and, in the identical situation, I’m ready for the white sports coat with the long sleeves that buckles in the back.

Really. Phone in the prescription to the pharmacy. I’ll pick it up as soon as it’s ready!

It’s at about the present time – mid-Summer as I write this – that I begin yearning to drive 25. Full time. In the zone.

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