Visiting RIT and Parking for the Mid-Century Wildenhain Exhibition

If you’re coming to RIT for the Frans Wildenhain exhibition as a visitor from off-campus, you’ll encountered the fewest parking and traffic problems during August. Once the students return, it can sometimes become a bit crowded. Helpfully, there are assigned visitor parking spaces relatively close to both Bevier Gallery and Dyer Arts Center.

The very best way to get oriented to the campus, the location of the two galleries, and to find convenient parking is by checking in at the Welcome Center; the 70-foot tall “Sentinel” sculpture will help you to easily spot the Center. Posted on the Wildenhain website is information regarding parking ( And links from that site will take you to maps that will help acquaint and orient you to the campus layout. As always, RIT’s main website is a handy source for information:

First year students move in on August 29th. Contrary to intuition, this is a remarkably orderly and efficient process. (Although I’m not eager to cart in all the stuff the first year students have somehow managed to accumulate.) And much of the activity is on the residential side of campus, which is opposite Bevier Gallery’s location.

Once classes resume — on Labor Day, we’re very literal here — prime time for parking is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays. But the visitor parking spaces remain reserved for off-campus visitors. Please be sure to check the website for gallery hours. And please join us through the end of September at the series of events created to accompany the Wildenhain exhibit.

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  1. My father studied with Frans in the 50’s and was a life long friend of he and Lili. I have a question about the photo of Frans and a man standing in front of the clay wall (posted on the page entitled ‘Frans Wildenhain’). Do you know who the man is? I ask because he looks very much like my father. Thank you for putting this show and catalog together!

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