Just How Long IS That Nose You’re Looking Down? Accumulating, Decorating & Collecting, Part Eight

Some readers wondered whether there’s a (thinly) veiled hierarchy associated with the past seven Blog entries. That is, have I a bias for one of the three over the other two?

Is, for instance, Accumulating better or worse than Decorating? Do I hold Collecting in a position superior to that of Decorating and Accumulating?

A not-so-deep concern regarding subtext is that the Blog subhead suggests an air of superiority and elevates (“privileges,” as some like saying) Collecting to a position significantly higher than Accumulating or Decorating.

Let’s tell the truth. We all accumulate. How many times did you move the boxes of Psychology Today back issues before they finally made it to the recycling bin?

For me it was one apartment and two houses. That’s three moves.

And before they hit the recycling box, exactly how many times did you use those back issues “for reference,” as might have been the promised justification for their retention?

For me: zero.

And who’s not interested in decorating? Decorating, as distinct from “taste”. Or “arranging”.

Few seem interested in living in a barn. Especially knowing the previous occupants and their concern for tidiness. But a decorator with a good eye can make the barn appear appealing.

Is collecting better than accumulating or decorating? I think so.

Better in what way(s)? You tell me.

Then again, maybe this is like “evolution.” Sounds good. Until the dinosaurs are asked about it. They’re thinking “revolution.”

I have a nose. It’s not that long.

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