Who Gets the Money?

As you know, copies of the Frans Wildenhain book that accompanied last year’s exhibit are for sale.

It’s a pretty good book. If I do say so myself. And I do. Did.

Great photography, thanks for Sue Weisler. Terrific layout and design, thanks to Heidi Trost.

Informative and interesting text, thanks to researchers and writers Jonathan Clancy and Becky Simmons.

The hardcover book, with dust jacket, runs just over 250 pages with more than 150 images.

And it costs fifty bucks.

Who gets the money? Where’s it going? Whose pockets are being lined?

Reasonable, if redundant, questions. Here are the answers.

RIT students get the money. Every cent.

Sure, Heidi and Sue were paid for their work. As they should be. And they were paid before a single copy of the book came off the press from funds I raised from a number of very generous donors. As the book sells, Sue and Heidi get nothing. They’ve been paid for their professional work.

Neither Jonathan nor Becky receive a penny.

The printer and the bindery have already been paid – from the same source of funding noted above.

And I do not receive any royalty or other form of compensation from book sales.

No boo-hoo, no poor us, no pity party. Just the facts.

How, then, do RIT students get the money?

I set up a Fund, held by RIT and managed through the College of Liberal Arts. The Frans Wildenhain Student Research Fund accepts applications from any RIT student who is conducting original research.

Criteria for awarding financial assistance to such student projects includes research that employs archival sources and research that results in the production of new knowledge about the technical, scientific, artistic, humanistic, or social scientific contributions achieved or advanced at the Institute..

Would you like to see the entire document? It’s one page long. Send me a note: baagll@rit.edu

When you buy a copy of FRANS WILDENHAIN 1950-75, you get the book and the students get your support. http://www.rit.edu/cla/wild/exhibition-catalogue

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