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Inevitably, all U.S. residents begin hearing from one organization once they attain a certain age.

Well, there’s probably more than one. And the age at which the correspondence begins varies. The IRS and Social Security like to be in touch annually once one begins gainful employment, as it used to be called.

But the one I’m thinking of is AARP: previously, the American Association of Retired Persons. They no longer use that lengthy, detailed name preferring, instead, the unpronounceable abbreviation. Maybe the geezers cannot remember all those words. I know I can’t.

The pestering typically begins at about age 50. So annoying are the missives that one otherwise very calm friend takes to violently tearing up each solicitation, unopened. The organization is, you can be certain, unfairly targeting her and singling her out for special torment.

Lots of things, in my view, should occur once one hits the “certain age.” Child-proof containers become adult-proof, for instance. Shouldn’t there be a special rack at the store for adults-only products. Oh, wait a minute, there is. But I mean for products with wider potential adoption. Oh, wait a minute!

In any event, AARP’s motto is “Real Possibilities.” And they’re not kidding.

Recently, a solicitation for membership from them reached me. It is not the first. Numerous flyers accompanied the membership order form: information about their magazine, the many benefits that accompany membership and so forth.

Two things: first, getting into the envelope was not, shall I say, easy. If you’re trying to draw the interest, attention and money of the older set, maybe you could make access to the propaganda less physically taxing. OK, I’m exaggerating. But only a little. If that’s possible.

And, as an aside, a premium for signing up was offered: a red and gray insulated travel bag. Maybe you want to think about that color scheme.

Second, the membership order form offers three membership choices: a one-, two- and five-year term. Helpfully, the five-year term was labeled as “BEST VALUE!” For the cost of membership, true enough.

And also optimistic.

For once, a motto worth living up to.

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